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  • Are you tired of fitness programs, infomercials and fads which promise the world but don’t actually offer real results?
  • Do you want to get into fantastic shape, but don’t know the right strategies and training methods to succeed?
  • Are you looking for the motivation and know-how to unlock your true potential, and get into the best shape of your life?

If so, My Closely Guarded Training Program Will Help You Transform Your Body and Change Your Life For The Better!

From: Rob Esposito
CrossFit 732 – Absolute Fitness

Dear Friend,

My name is Rob Esposito, and I know all too well the difficulties and challenges that most people face on their way towards fitness and weight loss success. I’ve been there myself, and I had to dig deep to discover how to achieve my goals.

What I found is that the secret to being at your best physically is not only to train your body, but also to work on your mind and your spirit all at once.

At CrossFit 732, we have the scientifically proven strategies you need to blast away fat, build lean muscle, and improve your body to look better than ever. At the same time, you’ll forge your mind and your spirit into a stronger, cohesive force which will never let you fail again, you’ll improve your self-confidence, and you’ll learn how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you’re ready to put aside the excuses and the past failures, sign up for CrossFit 732, and we’ll help you achieve amazing results, we guarantee it.

Unlock Your Best at the School of Elite Fitness!

  • Train your body with high-intensity functional movements, and high-tech, cutting edge equipment and strategies
  • mprove your mind as you blow past obstacles and self-imposed limits, and benefit from the camaraderie of group training and success
  • Forge your spirit as you continue achieving, with improved faith in yourself and your abilities


CrossFit 732 – Absolute Fitness

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  • Dynamic CrossFit training
  • Cutting-edge training strategies and equipment
  • Training across all 10 recognized fitness domains: cardio, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy
  • Highly experienced trainers will push you to succeed
  • Motivated, committed, friendly community
  • All ages and experience levels welcome, basic to elite
  • Improve your body, mind and spirit all at once
  • Have fun as you get into the best shape of your life
  • Risk-free money back guarantee

Our community is a thriving, living body. It’s filled with people just like you, who are looking for a way to be at their personal best. You’ll benefit from the motivation and inspiration that each member provides, as everyone works to achieve their goals, and push past obstacles. You will be challenged and confronted, and you will blow past self-imposed limits to be at your personal best.

With the help of our expert trainers, our great community, and our innovative system designed to maximize and optimize your results, the sky is the limit!

CrossFit Training at Absolute Fitness

  • Train your body, your mind and your spirit
  • Cutting-edge techniques and equipment
  • Fun and unique workouts
  • Motivation from a friendly, likeminded community

Other Gyms and Training Programs

  • Exercise alone won’t help you maximize or maintain results
  • Out of date equipment and ideas
  • Boring, stale routines
  • Intimidating, unfriendly group settings

The only thing standing in the way of you achieving all of your wildest health and fitness goals is failing to take action.

It can be daunting to get started, and to begin your journey. We guarantee though that when you do, and when you commit yourself, that you’ll see fantastic results, and the real success you’ve always craved.

Get lean, healthy and stronger than ever, improve your body, your mind and your spirit, and unlock the absolute best version of yourself with Absolute Fitness and CrossFit 732. We’ll see at the next class!

Rob Esposito
CrossFit 732 – Absolute Fitness

PS. CrossFit 732 is offering an unbelievable 100% money back guarantee to all
of our new clients and members. Sign up today and enjoy risk-free results. If we don’t get you into the best shape of your life, and improve your mind, your body, and your spirit, we’ll provide you with a refund, no questions asked!